HTC’s Next Flagship Leaked in Video

HTC One Mini Back Camera Detail

There are still several weeks to go before HTC reveals its next major Android smartphone, which we believe will be the sequel to the HTC One, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of information leaking out. The latest is also more a waterfall than a dripping tap, as the phone – under its codename of the HTC M8 – has been covered in an extensive 12-minute video.

While there may be some last minute alterations not visible on this prototype, the video suggests that we can expectthe dual-lens camera on the rear, and a subtle redesign.

The name of the device is still a mystery, with rumours pointing to it being known as the HTC One Two, the One+, and now the All New One. This comes from the FCC legal filing for the device in America, but could be a place holder used to not give the game away before the big event.

All will be revealed on March 25, and you can register your interest in The All New HTC One now. Take a look at the video of what purports to be the upcoming handset below.

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