Dual-OS Windows Phone and Android Device Promised for June Release

Karbonn Logo

An Indian mobile phone company will be the first to bring out a dual-OS smartphone running Windows Phone and Android, should a report published by the Times of India be correct. There’s a good chance it will, as the statement comes from the chairman of Karbonn, the firm apparently making the device.

We’ve never heard of Karbonn before today, but it’s a well-known brand in India, where it sells reasonably priced Android phones originally sourced in Asia. It has now signed an agreement with Microsoft to produce Windows Phone devices, and will bring out the first model in around three months time.

By June, the chairman promises, we’ll have the first phone capable of running both Android and Windows Phone. It’s not clear whether this will be a dual-boot system, where you’ll be able to swap between the two operating systems, or if changing will require a complete re-installation. If it’s the latter, then most will see it as a one-time decision, due to the inconvenience.

We’ve heard rumours of Microsoft trying to push a similar idea before. In October last year, it apparently offered HTC a reduction in its licensing fees if Windows Phone was installed as a second option on a top-end Android phone like the HTC One. Whether HTC declined or not isn’t known, but if the Karbonn deal is the same, then it appears Microsoft has continued to shop the deal around.

Karbonn doesn’t sell its phones in the UK, so we probably won’t be seeing the dual-OS phone, but if Microsoft has signed up one manufacturer, it could well sign up others. We look forward to learning more about this intriguing phone during the summer.

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