A Very Small Number of Gamers Pay for In-App Purchases

Candy Crush In-App

Have you ever been tempted to tap on that extra power-up within your free game’s menu, the one that’ll cost you 69p? Well, you’re in a very small minority of mobile gamers, according to new research.

Tech site Re/Code has published findings from app-testing firm, Swrve which suggests that only 0.15% of gamers ever pay for extras within a game which was initially downloaded for free. This figure is even more surprising considering that in-app purchases have been one of the most lucrative income streams for app developers in recent times.

Another tech site, BGR, did some number-crunching on the subject and came up with some incredible results. Focussing on King, the company behind Candy Crush Saga, the site worked out that when the amount of money the firm has earned from its games is cross referenced with that 0.15% figure, the average in-app purchaser spends an incredible US$1,618.28 in just one quarter of a year.

While that figure initially sounds far too high to be in any way believable, Re/Code quotes an executive from an unnamed Japanese games developer who says that his firm had one customer who spent around US$10,000 per month on in-app purchases. The firm had assigned a full-time member of staff to deal solely with that customer, in order to make sure she was happy and would keep playing the game.

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