Google Announces Project Ara Conference

Project Ara

Google has announced a developers conference for Project Ara, a scheme the search giant has been working on which could see people designing their own smartphones.

The idea of a handset which consists of changeable parts has been floating around the mobile world recently, and Project Ara looks to be aimed at making this a reality. While details of the venture remain a little sketchy, a conference of people working on it  could well push things along further.

Should a Project Ara handset ever actually emerge, it will likely be made up of different parts that can be selected by the user. For instance, one person could choose a large, high-spec display accompanied by a fast processor, but adding a low-spec camera if they’re not really interested in taking photos. Another user may prefer a smaller display with a slower chip to keep costs down, and so on.

Project Ara was launched by Motorola last year, but having recently sold the manufacturer to Lenovo, Google announced it would be keeping the research project for itself. The conference will take place on 15 and 16 April at Google’s Mountain View home in California.

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