How to Skype Between a Phone and a Computer

Skype Main

Skype is a fantastic way of making voice and video calls that get around the usual network charges associated with them. Available as a mobile and desktop app, the service is great for keeping in touch with people, especially when those relationships extend over international borders. In these circumstances regular phone calls could rack up huge bills, but Skype allows you to make them for free.

We’re taking a look at how to get set up and connected on a Skype call, so you can catch up with your loved ones no matter how far away they are.

Get the software

Skype is available for a wide variety of smartphone platforms, so just search through your app store to find the version that’s compatible with your handset. For PC and Mac users, head over to the Skype website to download the desktop software for free.

Create an account

Once downloaded, Skype will prompt you to sign up for an account. The process is pretty straightforward, and you can do this with just an email address and password. You can even add a photo to your account to identify yourself.

Skype Profile

Make a connection

The next step is to add some contacts, connecting with the people you know who also use Skype. Click the ‘Add Contact’ button and type in the name of the person you are looking for – Skype will search through its database for their profile.

You can also search using people’s phone numbers, and add anyone as a contact even if they don’t use Skype. More on that later.

Make a call

On  to the main event, and making a call to someone is as simple as hitting one of the options on their profile. The two main ones are video and voice calls, which you can choose between depending on whether you want to see or just hear the person you’re talking to.

If you’re making a video call on a smartphone with two cameras, you can choose between using the front or rear one. Use the front for a regular call, as you will be able to show yourself and see whoever it is you’re talking to on screen. The rear camera is useful for showing something to the other person, whatever it may be.

Skype Call

Add credit to call to regular phones

Lastly, you can make calls from Skype to phones that aren’t connected to the service by adding some credit to your account. Using this method, you’ll be charged in the same way that you would using a Pay As You Go mobile, topping up your credit as you go. However, you’ll still be able to make regular Skype calls for free to other users of the service.

Now you’ve got your free calls sorted, why not take a look at our tips on sending free messages with your mobile too?

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