New HTC One Smartphone Leaked in Gold, Silver and Gray

HTC Handset Gold

HTC has announced an event for 25 March, when we’re expecting to see the 2014 version of the HTC One, its new flagship Android phone. Up until now, the phone has remained relatively elusive, leaking only in poor quality images, often taken of early versions of the device.

That has changed this week though, thanks to well-known Twitter phone leaker @evleaks. Not one, not two, but three different images have shown up on the account, all of the new HTC One in different colours. The first to appear showed a gold model, indicating the company wishes to continue following the recent trend set by Apple and the iPhone 5S. A silver and a grey model quickly followed.

The leaked pictures look like standard HTC press shots, and certainly appear genuine, although until officially confirmed we must treat them as unsubstantiated rumours. This doesn’t mean we can’t examine them though.

Each phone has what looks like a dual-lens camera setup on the rear, accompanied by a dual-LED flash unit. Previous rumours have mentioned a dual-lens feature for the new HTC One, suggesting it’ll improve low-light performance and add a cool adjustable depth-of-field feature.

The famous, and very attractive design of the HTC One has been subtly tweaked here, with more rounded corners and fewer sharp angles. Combined with a thinner screen bezel, it looks fantastic, and we’re hoping the pictures are accurate. As for the specification, nothing is certain, although rumours have pointed to it having a 5-inch 1080p screen and a quad-core processor. 25 March can’t come soon enough.

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