Acer Says it has a “Must-Have” Smartphone Planned for MWC

Acer Phone

Acer has been gradually climbing the smartphone ladder for several years, coming out with some interesting, if a little faceless, devices during that time. Having paid its dues, now could be the time for the company to shine, as at Mobile World Congress this year, it’s promising to announce a “must-have” new product.

Sure, we’ve heard all this before, but its teaser picture accompanying the statement does suggest it has something quite interesting to show us. The picture shows the back of a smartphone, complete with a camera lens and a flash unit. However, underneath the camera lens is something intriguing.

It looks like a small sensor, but Acer isn’t telling us anything about it just yet. So what could it be? Well, HTC has something similar on the rear of the One Max, which reads fingerprints. Oppo has a square version on the back of its N1 smartphone, which can activate the camera shutter or swipe between screens. These are all possibilities, or it could be something else entirely.

Sadly, Acer hasn’t shared any other information about the device, although it has tweeted about an incoming Liquid-branded phone, which it also says is a “must-have” device. Perhaps the two devices are one and the same?

While the new phone, whatever it turns out to be, will be displayed at Mobile World Congress, we could get a few details before the show begins. According to Acer’s Facebook post, it’ll reveal all in four days time, which is this Friday. We’ll keep you updated.

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