Top Android Shortcuts

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There are loads of ways to save time when using your phone, and Android is a versatile platform that has plenty of hidden features that allow you to complete tasks in just a few steps. So, here are a few of the most useful ones that we’ve found.

Save Google Maps offline

Google Maps

Google Maps may exist as an online service which needs a data or Wi-Fi connection for use, but it isn’t restricted to that entirely. Parts of the maps can be saved offline using a simple command, so that you can browse them when you don’t have any signal.

Just get whichever part of the world you want on screen, then bring up the search bar and type “ok maps”. The app will then cache the area that’s onscreen, so you can use it later.

Download a new keyboard


Even the largest smartphone screens can be a little difficult to type on, but Google Play has a wealth of additional software that will make this easier.

Apps such as SwiftKey will install a new keyboard over your default one, allowing you to enter text more easily. With that particular one, you can type without lifting your finger off the screen, speeding up the process no end.

Speed dial icons

Contact Icon

If you’ve been using a smartphone for some time, you may well have amassed an enormous amount of contacts. As a result, trawling through them to find those you phone and text most frequently can be annoying.

As a way around this, Android allows you to pin a contact to your homescreen, so their details appear like an app icon. You can either access this from your contacts menu, or from the range of widgets available on your handset.

Turn power draining functions off easily

Power Control

More widget usefulness, and one of the default Android offerings is a bar of handy on/off controls for several of your smartphone’s functions.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and more can be disabled from here with a simple tap, putting less of a strain on your handset’s power cell.

Even with all of these handy tips you could still be in a rush to get things done. If you want to make sure that your Android device can keep up with you, take a look at our advice on making it run faster.

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