Alternatives to Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

There was a great sigh of disappointment amongst many smartphone users earlier this week, when the news broke that hugely popular mobile game Flappy Bird has been removed from app stores by its developer.

That sigh was only drowned out by the screams of frustration coming from those still playing the game. In response to this, a slew of software creators have rushed out games that bear some startling similarities to the avian-themed app. To help you choose which one is for you, we’ve been tapping our way through some of the most popular offerings.

Splashy Fish

Splashy Fish

Very much following the Flappy Bird model, Splashy Fish simply changes the environment to an aquatic theme. Guide your flying fish through an underwater world, navigating around columns as you go.

The gameplay is slightly easier than Flappy Bird itself, and we managed to achieve quite a high score at our first attempt. For those who do not have the original installed on their handset, Splashy Fish is a good alternative.

Fly Birdie

Fly Birdie

Fly Birdie has some very clunky gameplay and poorly-designed graphics, and isn’t a very good looking option. However, its has a little more depth than Flappy Bird, introducing the concept of lives to the genre.

This means that your game doesn’t come to an end as soon as you touch something, which gives players more of a chance to get the hang of the controls. The gaps that you have to fly through are also considerably bigger than on similar games, and this combined with the extra lives you have makes for longer turns overall.



Based on what seems to be a hastily dreamed-up superhero of the same name, Ironpants has an incredibly fast rate of play, making it far harder than Flappy Bird itself. The game is very difficult to get the hang of, meaning that this is one option you will really have to stick with.

However, the controls are more responsive than those of its contemporaries, and your character will climb faster in flight the longer you press on the screen. This makes the gameplay a little different to Flappy Bird, although it is still very difficult to master.

Flappy Bee

Happy Bee

Flappy Bee adopts a landscape format and at first glance looks more like a platform game. It took us a few attempts before we realised that rather than avoiding the game’s floating objects, you’re meant to hit them head on, meaning the only things you need to be careful of are the edges of the screen. Of the apps on this list, it’s Flappy Bee which differs from the Flappy Bird model the most, but there is enough here to keep a player entertained.

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