Mysterious HTC Desire 8 Leaked

HTC Desire 8

A mysterious HTC smartphone has been leaked, which sports a stunning new design that bears hallmarks of the HTC One. The leaked picture is in the style of a normal HTC promo shot, but there’s no official evidence it’s real, so we must treat it as nothing but rumour for now.

That doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting device. The front panel shows a version of HTC’s Blinkfeed, and a set of stereo speakers placed at the top and bottom of the phone. A forward facing camera lens is also visible. The rear panel looks completely flat, with HTC branding in the centre. In the top corner we can see another camera lens, with what looks like a large flash underneath.

The pictured phone is white, but according to a report by tech site Engadget, the phone will come in several bright colours including red, yellow, orange and cyan. Apparently, the screen will measure 5.5-inches, but the resolution is unknown. Desire models have traditionally been mid and low-end phones in recent years, so a 720p pixel count is more likely than it being 1080p. It’s also stated the camera will have 13-megapixels, and the front camera may have 5-megapixels.

Earlier this week, HTC told Reuters it was planning to launch several new mid-range devices over the coming year, in an effort to boost sales. We could see the Desire 8 – and potentially other models too – launched during Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

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