The Best Winter Olympics Apps

Winter Olympics Main

If you’ve been following all the action from Sochi you’ll want to keep tabs on everything that’s happening all of the time. How can you do this when you’re on the move? Your smartphone has the answer, with some brilliant apps for catching up with what’s going on.

Official Winter Olympics

Official Winter Olympics App

The official app has an enormous amount of information within it, arranged in a brilliant sliding interface reminiscent of one of Google’s apps. Headline news stories appear on the homepage and the image-heavy design is full of fantastic photos of the action.

There is exhaustive information about schedules and fixtures, all searchable by sport and date, with the app even covering niche events like the Youth Olympic Games.

Olympic Athlete’s Hub

Athlete's Hub

In a brilliant take on the games, this app correlates all the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds of the competing athletes.

You can find behind the scenes images that may otherwise pass you buy completely, along with the personal thoughts of those taking part. While the app doesn’t focus on information and results, its a great addition to anyone really wanting to get a feel for the games.

Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014

This app from Russian sports broadcaster ANO is a comprehensive look at schedules and results that can be dipped into to quickly get information. Each sport can be selected from a handy grid of icons, with all the relevant information then appearing.

While there is little in the way of extra detail that fleshes out the app’s coverage, it is an excellent way of finding out what has happened and what is coming next.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport

As with any major sporting event, the BBC’s official sport app is one of the best places to turn for coverage. Scheduling and results are all covered, along with the biggest news stories from the games.

What users also have access to is the huge amount of video footage, both live and recorded, that the BBC is creating for the games. Just keep an eye on how much data you’re using though.

Where are you going to get your sport fix when the Sochi 2014 games have finished? Take a look at our list of the best free sport results apps.

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