More Information Emerges About Samsung Unpacked Event

Samsung Unpacked Image

Samsung has unveiled a new image to tease those looking forward to its 24 February Unpacked event, at which the Korean firm is widely expected to unveil its Galaxy S5 smartphone.

While certainly not offering anything concrete, the image consists of a number of icons that may point towards some of the handset’s capabilities. With titles such as Speed, Outdoor, Fitness and Fun, we may be getting a glimpse of what the device can do.

Samsung put a major focus on health and fitness with its last flagship, the Galaxy S4, which included a raft of sensors that could measure your wellbeing and correlate all the information in the S Health app.

The way in which the icons are displayed in the recent image may also give an impression of what the Galaxy S5’s user interface could look like. We haven’t seen a massive overhaul of Samsung’s UI for several Galaxy iterations, so it will be interesting to see if a new one emerges.

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