Huawei to Bring a Smartwatch to MWC 2014

Huawei Logo

Yesterday we heard about HTC’s plans to release a smartwatch before the end of the year. Today it’s the turn of Huawei, which according to the Wall Street Journal will show its smartwatch long before HTC. If the report is correct, we’ll see the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month.

Sadly, the article’s anonymous source wouldn’t provide any details about the watch, so we’ll have to wait until the show to find out more. We can assume it’ll connect using Bluetooth to Android phones though. It’ll be interesting to see whether Huawei locks its watch down so it only functions with its own smartphones, or if it opens it up to all Android hardware.

The report goes on to add Huawei will be showcasing a new smartphone alongside the watch, and two tablets. The smartphone’s identity is a mystery, but apparently it won’t be the sequel to the Ascend P6 flagship phone, which will arrive at a dedicated event later this year.

Mobile World Congress begins on 24 February, and promises to be an exciting show, with confirmed hardware being announced by Samsung, LG and Nokia already. Huawei hasn’t officially confirmed what it’ll be announcing, so we must wait until the Barcelona event gets underway before knowing for sure.

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