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While some people may wonder if there is any sense behind apps like Flappy Bird, there are a few oddities littering the app stores of the mobile word that boggle the mind entirely. For every truly useful or entertaining software creation there are apps that appear to be utterly pointless or even genuinely weird. Here are some of the strangest ones that we have found.

Log Off

Log Off

One for the skivers in any workplace, those who may once have wondered how much they are earning in those moments when they sneak off to the toilet. Log Off will tell you exactly how much you make in that downtime, judging on your salary.

Users also have the option to browse news headlines through the app while they relieve themselves. Once you’re done, just pull the chain to see your results.



Again, those who wish to make as little as possible of their working hours could do with downloading iNap@Work. The perfect tool for convincing those sat around you that you have your nose to the grindstone when the truth is anything but.

What the app does is play various work-related sounds, including keyboard taps and mouse clicks, at intervals, so that it sounds like you’re hard at work and you simply can put your head down and get some rest. That’s until your snoring gives the game away.

Ghost Detect

Ghost Detect

Something strange in your neighbourhood? Ghost Detect aims to help you to track paranormal activity, measuring a variety of supposed signals around you to determine whether or not there is a ghost in the house.

The app isn’t particularly user-friendly and its controls are obscured by an advert that can only be removed for a fee. Looks like you’ll have to hire yourself an exorcist instead.



“Forget everything you know about video games”, the app opines as it loads, setting the user up for a strange experience indeed. Karoshi centres on the story of a suicidal Japanese office worker.

Your mission is to help him die, through the medium of a simple platform game full of potential pitfalls and dangers, a task which can usually be achieved very quickly indeed.

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