HTC One Sequel Leak Shows Dual-Lens Camera

HTC One Two Cameras

A leaked picture may have given us a close look at HTC’s sequel to the HTC One, which we’re expecting to launch in the next few months. The image is interesting for two reasons – the first is because it shows a very familiar design, and the second is thanks to the number of camera lenses the phone seems to boast.

If the picture is accurate, then HTC appears to be playing it safe with the design, as it’s almost identical to the HTC One. This isn’t a terrible thing, after all, the HTC One is arguably the finest looking smartphone available. However, maybe a slight upgrade would have made the phone stand out against its predecessor.

So, instead of a flashy new design, the new HTC phone – which could be called the One Two or the One+, according to rumours – could be using a cool new camera to attract buyers. The picture shows what could be two camera lenses, which fits in with a Bloomberg report from earlier this month. Apparently, the dual-lens setup should help improve focusing and image quality, and allow the user to adjust the depth of field. In the leaked picture, we can also see the two lenses will possibly be joined by two LED flash units.

The original HTC One will be a year old very soon, and due for replacement. Is this the new One, and if so, when will it launch? Mobile World Congress is a safe bet, but Bloomberg’s sources say we may have to wait until March. We’ll find out at the end of the month.

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