HTC M8, AKA the One+, Now Rumoured for March Launch

HTC One Max

HTC’s highly anticipated follow-up to the HTC One has been rumoured for an early 2014 announcement for some time, but according to the latest talk, it may not appear for a little while longer yet. The news comes from the @evleaks Twitter account, which is a usually reliable source of mobile-related leaks.

The tweet states, “Starting to look like a late March launch for the HTC M8,” adding an event may take place in New York. The M8 name is the codename under which the sequel is most well known. The actual name to be used at launch is still a mystery, although the most recent rumours suggest it’ll be called the HTC One+.

Should the M8/One+ come in late March, it means HTC won’t be brining it to Mobile World Congress at the end of February. Last year, HTC had the newly announced HTC One on display at the Barcelona show. For it not to have a new flagship phone there this time would be a surprise, and unfortunate news for the firm.

As for the phone itself, we’re expecting it to have a larger 5-inch display with a 1080p resolution, and be powered by a quad-core processor. Will it be another Snapdragon 800, or will Qualcomm have the Snapdragon 805 ready in time? We’ll have to wait and see, but if this latest gossip is correct, we won’t know more until the end of next month.

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