Image of Tizen Handset Emerges

Samsung Tizen Phone

Samsung’s in-house Tizen OS has long been talked about in smartphone circles, but has proved to be an elusive beast when it comes to actual facts and figures. This may just have changed, with an image of what is purported to be the first Tizen device having emerged.

Korean site MovePlayer can take the credit for the exclusive, publishing an image of a smartphone that very much follows the design trends of Samsung’s recent high-end flagships.

What we can see of Tizen itself shows it to have a tiled interface reminiscent of Windows Phone, and when this is combined with the Samsung stylings the handset bears a close resemblance to the ATIV S.

Specs that have emerged alongside the image point towards a 4.8-inch display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. There is still no firm information about when a Tizen device will make it to market, but every glimpse certainly makes the new platform more enticing.

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