Motorola’s Not Done With Cheap Phones, Could be Planning £30 Android Device

Motorola Moto G Edge

The Moto G isn’t just a great phone, it’s a great cheap phone too. When the Moto G was announced, Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside said the world deserved better smartphones at lower prices, and while the Moto G is a step in the right direction, the firm apparently isn’t done yet.

In an interview with consumers site Trusted Reviews, Woodside talks about the £130 Moto G still being an expensive phone in some parts of the world. He says the company understands how important value is in these markets, and isn’t quite sure, “Why these devices can’t be $50?”

Woodside then adds, “There’s no reason that can’t happen, so we’re going to push that.” Fifty dollars is around £30 when converted over, and it’s almost impossible to get a brand new smartphone for that money. Even if you do find one, it inevitably won’t be much good.

If Motorola can produce a phone which is even half as good as the Moto G for between £30 and £50, it would be a stunning achievement. However, Woodside didn’t provide any details on its plans, and while he mentions the $50 price point, there’s no solid proof it’ll ever get down to this figure at the moment.

This time next year, when the Moto G is ready to be replaced, could be a different story, as the components used will only get cheaper. Could Motorola’s plan be to halve the price of the Moto G when it announces the Moto G2?

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