Galaxy Note 3 Neo Leaked With a Hexa-Core Processor

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Back Bottom

It looks like Samsung is planning to release a variation on its successful Galaxy Note 3 smartphone/tablet hybrid. We’ve heard rumours of a cheaper version, previously referred to as the Galaxy Note 3 Lite, but a new leak indicates it will be known as the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Whether they’re one and the same, or two different devices, remains to be seen.

If the leak is correct, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo will be more like the Galaxy Note 2 than the more recent Note 3. The screen may measure 5.5-inches and have a 720p resolution, while the camera could have 8-megapixels. Apparently, there will be 16GB of internal space to fill, and a 3100mAh battery. Leaked pictures also show it coming with the S Pen stylus.

The processor could be slightly unusual. It’s referred to as a hexa-core chip, which is made up of a dual-core and a quad-core processor. In this case the dual-core will have a 1.7GHz clock speed, while the quad-core will come in a 1.3GHz. Both chips will be supported by 2GB of RAM.

According to fan site Sam Mobile, the Note 3 Neo is already up for pre-order in Belgium, where it’s priced at 600 euros, which is close to £500, and barely any different to the Note 3. The cost could alter when – and if – the Note 3 Neo is put on sale in the UK.

If it really is already out in Belgium, then its official announcement could come at any time. If it’s premature, then it could be confirmed during Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

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