Software design trends for 2014

Design Trends 2014 FINAL

We’re already well into the first month of a new year and with it comes anticipation and expectation, predictions and revelations about what 2014 will bring in the technology world.

When it comes to interactive design, trends are extremely fluid, switching and changing from year to year. Whether certain elements become prominent or are merely a flash in the pan, here’s what we think 2014 holds for mobile design.

Flat UI

Flat UI

As seen on Windows 8, flat UIs became the ‘in’ thing towards the end of last year, especially when Apple chose the clean lines and visual flattening of icons in favour of its previous design for the launch of iOS7. The trend is set to continue, with more operating systems, user interfaces and apps adopting the minimalist style.



Becoming more and more common, blur is starting to gain design traction as a way of depicting layers within the phone’s UI. The blur helps to create a hierarchy effect of application elements while maintaining the clean and minimalist feel of the interface. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, we think we’ll be seeing more blur incorporated into mobile software design this year.

Browsers and OS integration

Browser & OS Integration

Although it is, in its simplest terms, an OS-level integration of an RSS feed, content creators can now offer users the option to receive push notification when certain content is published. It’s still a relatively new concept, but more sites are picking up on the integrated experience that eliminates the need for an additional application.

Minimalist navigation

Minimalist Navigation FINAL

Stripped back navigation is a trend that looks set to continue to grow in popularity, as design becomes more condensed for high-quality mobile use. This year, we could see a lot more emphasis on icons, rolldowns, and navigation which shrinks as users scroll down the page.

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