HTC Website Tells You When Your Handset Will Get Android KitKat

HTC One Max Back

HTC has taken the covers off the process of upgrading handsets to the latest version of the Android OS, launching a website that tells its customers what stage their devices are at so far.

The site lists several iterations of the flagship HTC One, revealing that unlocked and developer versions should already have received their Android KitKat updates, whereas those on specific networks may have to wait.

With a huge infographic that details the upgrade process all the way from Google’s launch to the software landing on a smartphone, the Taiwanese firm has made an unprecedented step towards transparency. The information contained in the website is far beyond anything we’ve seen from any other manufacturer.

Smartphone makers are understandably reluctant to promise upgrades before the software is actually delivered. HTC’s bold move could be a great way of sparking new interest in its devices, and one that may well keep its dedicated customers happy too.

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