Nokia Smartwatch Coming in Late 2014, According to Latest Gossip

Nokia Handset

Smartwatches have increased in popularity over the course of 2013, with several big name companies such as Samsung and Sony, pushing hardware which competes with less well-known devices including the Pebble and Qualcomm’s Toq. In addition to the watches you can buy, there are several still rumoured to appear soon, including those produced by Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Now, the latest name to be added to the list is Nokia. The news comes from fan site NokiaPowerUser in the form of an anonymous tip, which means it should be treated almost purely as fan-driven speculation. However, it remains a juicy piece of gossip.

It’s claimed that Axel Meyer and Peter Skillman at Nokia are working on the watch. Meyer is Head of Design and Emerging Platforms at the Finnish firm, and previously designed Nokia’s Nseries phones. Skillman is Head of Here Maps Design, making him a less obvious name to be working on a watch than Meyer.

What makes the rumour so interesting is that the watch will supposedly use some of the technology demonstrated in Nokia’s Morph wearable concept device from a couple of years ago. This space-age watch phone could be twisted and shaped in several different ways. We’d be surprised if any Nokia watch could match the Morph’s abilities just yet – the technology just isn’t there – but it could at least be inspired by the cool, space-age design.

Apparently, we should be on the look out for the Nokia smartwatch towards the end of next year. So will it come true, and if so, will it be a dedicated watch for Windows Phone hardware? We’ll have to wait and see.

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