Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Breaks 10 Million Sales Mark

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Back Bottom

There may not be any great surprise in hearing that one of Samsung’s leading handsets has claimed some truly astounding sales figures, but even by the Korean firm’s standards the Galaxy Note 3 has done well.

Samsung has claimed that the device took just 60 days to pass the 10 million sales mark, meaning it is flying off the shelves at twice the pace of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2. Previously thought of as niche devices, it seems that the phablet range has now firmly entered the mainstream of smartphone technology.

This figure is even more impressive when compared to the sales of Galaxy S4. The flagship did pass the 10 million sales mark faster than the Note 3, but only 10 days faster. Samsung has said that China has been a key market for the phablet, with the S Pen stylus being particularly well received in the Asian country.

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