Google Glass for Prescription Lenses Photographed

Google Glass Prescription

Google Glass may have become one of the most talked about tech subjects of the last year or two, but one question has occasionally hovered around the innovation. The fact that anyone who already wears glasses may not be able to use the device may now have been answered by its makers.

Brian Matiash, a Google employee, has posted two photos of a new version of the wearable tech on his Google+ page. What we get to see is very much like the earlier Glass iteration that has been around for some time, with the horizontal bar that stretches across a user’s forehead having been removed.

In its place is a standard pair of prescription glasses, although its not clear whether these are a part of the device or if Glass simply clips on to its wearer’s own spectacles. From the images, it does look like the device could be quite unbalanced and may not be that comfortable to wear, so it will be interesting to hear more about how Google tackles any problems in this area.

Of course, Google Glass is still an exclusive item owned by very few people, although the search giant says that it should become more widely available throughout 2014.

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