Samsung Superphone with 1440p Screen Leaked in Benchmark Results

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Top Edge

Before we get into the details, we’ll preface this by saying it’s worth keeping in mind that all this is unofficial, and it comes from a source that can easily be faked. Does that mean it should be ignored? No, particularly when it’s this intriguing. Right, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the latest Samsung rumour.

A hint of a Samsung superphone has been discovered in a set of benchmarking results, which could be related to the Galaxy S5, or the equally unofficial and even more mysterious Galaxy F. There’s no name attached, only a model number of the SM-G900S.

The most exciting stat concerns the screen, which will apparently have a resolution of 2560×1440. This is known by various different names such as 2K, 1440p and Ultra HD, and is considered the next stage up from 1080p. Both Samsung and LG have said they’re working on screens with such incredible resolutions, so this isn’t entirely unexpected.

In addition to the screen, the phone spotted in the benchmarks uses a Qualcomm processor, but there’s a discrepancy with the model number and clock speed. The number indicates it’s a Snapdragon 800, but the speed is 2.5GHz, and that relates to the recently announced Snapdragon 805. Is this evidence the results are faked? The only other detail given away is the phone runs Android KitKat.

We’re not going to know if this is a real Samsung smartphone, or if it’s all a hoax, until we see the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy F. Neither are expected until sometime in 2014.

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