LG G Flex Tipped for Global Launch in December

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex is one the year’s most exciting smartphones to be announced, but at the moment, it’s only being sold in South Korea. However, LG has said it intends to release the phone internationally, deciding against following Samsung’s lead with its limited-release Galaxy Round. While we’d been given the news the G Flex would be coming out at some time in the future, we had no idea when.

The good news is, LG has started sending out invitations to an event on 3 December, which will be held in Hong Kong. The invitation itself specifically talks about the LG G Flex, so it’s clear the phone is all set to launch there, but will this also mark the debut of the phone elsewhere?¬†That’s the rumour which is spreading, although this hasn’t been confirmed by LG.

At the beginning of the month, there was talk the G Flex would launch in France either in December, or early 2014. With the Hong Kong event taking place at the beginning of the month, the two rumours tie in with each other rather well. Nothing has been mentioned about a UK launch, but LG has said in the past it wants to increase its international presence, something it started with the LG G2.

The phone’s curvy screen isn’t its only high-tech feature either, as it also has a self-healing rear panel, which can absorb small scratches and scraps, which would usually ruin an ordinary device. We can’t wait to find out if it’s headed our way before Christmas.

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