New Nokia Phones Leaked, Could be Future Asha Devices

Nokia Asha Leak 1

A pair of new phones have been leaked through the @evleaks Twitter account, but their identity is a mystery. The leak is a two-parter, with the first showing a red phone, and the second a pair of screen shots showing a basic phone interface on a small smartphone.

We’ll start with the shot of the phone itself. It’s obvious the device is a Nokia, as the branding is there for all to see, and the red chassis is classic Nokia styling. The front looks very similar to the Lumia 920, with its curved screen edges, while the rear has a camera lens mounted at the top centre.

However, as the camera doesn’t even have a flash unit, it’s hard to believe this phone will wear the Lumia branding, which has become synonymous with great cameras. Apparently, the phone has the codename of Normandy, and we think it’s more likely to have the Asha name attached when (or if) it gets released.

Nokia Asha Leak 2

The second screen shots show an Asha-style user interface, being displayed on a small screen touch phone, but not the red phone seen in the other leak. The interface should be familiar to Asha users, and could be proof Nokia will continue the Asha phone line in the future.

Nokia’s had a busy year, releasing various new phones and being purchased by Microsoft, so we wonder if these are being prepared for launch next year, perhaps at Mobile World Congress? If so, we won’t know more until February.

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