Who to Follow on Soundcloud


Soundcloud is an essential app for any music lover with a smartphone, offering a brilliant way of discovering new tracks that you’ve never heard before. The service hosts an enormous amount of free music which can be streamed to your mobile device, with an array of well designed apps for several major platforms.

While countless radio apps serve the bigger stations and are great for listening to major artists, Soundcloud caters for the vast amount of independent, niche music that’s out there. From individual artists with their own pages to blogs and record labels which feature DJ mixes and exclusive tracks, we take a look at some of the best users to follow.

Just one warning – streaming music can be a massive drain on your data allowance, so it may be best to hook your smartphone up to a Wi-Fi network to avoid any unpleasant bills.


One of our favourite music blogs, Fact covers leftfield electronic and hip-hop along with some other, unusual musical offerings. The blog’s Soundcloud account frequently hosts the latest tracks by a variety of artists and is a great place to discover new music.

Fact also produces a long-running series of mixes by both upcoming and established DJs, which can be brilliant to cue-up as background music or delve into to find things you’ve never heard before.

Captured Tracks

This Brooklyn-based record label has a reputation for putting out cutting edge material along with reissuing older, almost forgotten music. Captured Tracks is the perfect example of what independent labels can do with Soundcloud, giving previews of new tracks and occasionally streaming whole albums.

Young Turks

Young Turks is one of the finest indie labels of recent years, boasting The XX among its enviable roster. The London-based label’s Soundcloud output may have slowed a little in the last few months, but its account is still full of some outstanding stuff. This ranges from individual tracks to longer mixes by the label’s owners.

Boiler Room

Billing itself as “The world’s leading underground music show”, the Boiler Room has become a phenomenon that hosts some of the leading lights of the alternative dance and electronic music scene. Leading and upcoming DJs perform in small clus across the world and their sets are uploaded to to YouTube and Soundcloud. There are a huge number of mixes to root through on the Boiler Room channel, and you’ll find a wide variety of often weird and wonderful stuff.

Ghostly International

Ranging from cutting edge hip-hop to what the label terms ‘avant-pop’, Ghostly International is home to some truly unusual music. While boasting a diverse roster, there is always a familiar feel to its releases, making its Soundcloud account a brilliantly consistent line-up that’s well worth working your way through.

Once you’ve lined up some Soundcloud tracks on your smartphone, why not take a look at who else to follow through other apps such as Vine and Instagram.

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