The Toq is Qualcomm’s Smartwatch, and it’s out in December

Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm has provided more details on its Toq smartwatch, which was unveiled during the IFA tech show back at the beginning of September. Smartwatches are big news this year, with Samsung most recently dipping its toe in the market with the Galaxy Gear. The Toq will be a little more restricted in terms of sales, as it’s only going to be available as a limited edition through Qualcomm’s website.

What makes the Toq special is its screen, which showcases Qualcomm’s Mirasol technology. It does without a backlight to cut down on energy consumption, and uses ambient light to illuminate the display, which makes it easily visible even in bright sunlight.

The feature list continues with a basic 200MHz processor, wireless charging, a pair of stereo Bluetooth headphones, and the screen measures 1.5-inches. Naturally, the watch displays notifications from your phone, alerts you of incoming calls, lets you control your music, and run a few apps. Installed as standard are AccuWeather and a stock trading app.

You’ll need an Android smartphone to link with the Toq, and although Android 4.3 is recommended, it will work with devices using Android 4.0.3 or later. What’s more, the Toq looks like one of the better designed smartwatches available at the moment.

Qualcomm will charge $350 for the Toq smartwatch, which is around £220 at today’s conversion rates, making it less than the Galaxy Gear, but more than the Sony SmartWatch 2. There’s also no confirmation if Qualcomm will sell the watch internationally, or how many it will produce.

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