Future Z50 and Q30 BlackBerry Smartphones Rumoured


Following on from BlackBerry’s launch of its BlackBerry 10 handsets earlier this year, leaks are coming out indicating what’s next on its smartphone roster. The news this time comes from sources in China, but due to the time frames discussed, it’s still early days for the hardware, and there’s no guarantee either will reach your hands.

The first phone on the list is codenamed the BlackBerry Z50, and it could be a sequel to the BlackBerry Z30, and a replacement for the flagship BlackBerry Z10 phone. If the information is correct, the Z50 should have a massive 5.2-inch display, and boast a 1080p resolution. A quad-core processor could be powering the phone, bringing it bang up to date.

Well, it would be if BlackBerry released it tomorrow, but instead the Z50 has a tentative release date of Q3 2014, putting it nearly a year away. Thankfully, BlackBerry could have another phone up its sleeve for release before this, although not by much.

Codenamed the BlackBerry Q30, it’s supposed to be another QWERTY-equipped smartphone, succeeding the current Q10. There’s no other information coming through on the Q30, other than it should appear between April and June next year. According to tech site Pocket-Lint‘s sources, the months leading up to summer could be an important time for the company.

New BlackBerry CEO John Chen is in charge of rebuilding the company, and these new phones may spearhead his plans. Will they be enough to spark more interest in the Canadian’t firms hardware?

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