Samsung Rumoured to be Planning a Galaxy Phone with a Wraparound Display

Samsung Wrap Around Display

A report published by Bloomberg has revealed Samsung’s plans for the future of its Galaxy phones, indicating one model may come with a wraparound display using the curvy glass and flexible screen technology seen on the Galaxy Round. The information isn’t official, and has been provided by anonymous sources, so should be considered only a possibility at the moment.

Apparently, Samsung wants to create a phone with three screens that work independently. The primary screen would be on the front of the phone as usual, but rather than have a bezel either side, two screens would be used instead. This would mean information could be shown and viewed at any angle. For example, one side could show incoming messages, while the other would display stocks.

It’s not known whether Samsung will incorporate this in its Galaxy S or Galaxy Note range, or how thick the phone would have to be in order for the side screens to be legible. There’s also a chance the special screens could be introduced on a new range of phones, which may not use the established Galaxy name.

As exciting as this all sounds, there’s still a way to go before we can expect to see it on sale, as Bloomberg’s sources say the project is more likely to be ready for the second half of 2014. The Galaxy Round, and LG’s G Flex, are the first commercially available devices with flexible screens, but are so far not available outside Korea. This could change with the LG G Flex though, which is rumoured for an international release soon.

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