Six Second Wonder App Vine Comes to Windows Phone

Vine Windows Phone

There’s some good news for Windows Phone owners this week, as another previously unavailable app has been released for Microsoft’s mobile OS. It’s the popular short video sharing network Vine, which has been out on iOS and Android for a while. We knew the app was coming, because it was among those announced by Nokia during its 22 October event.

Vine is a Twitter application, and as such beats arch rival Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, into the Windows Phone store. Without Instagram to distract anyone, Vine’s quick availability will no doubt help it find new fans. However, Instagram is also on the list to appear in the store soon, so Vine’s head start maybe short lived.

For the uninitiated, Vine lets you shoot six seconds worth of video and share the result on Twitter, Facebook, or the dedicated Vine website. The footage is looped, and if you’re creative enough, some amazing results are possible. We loved the app when it was released on iOS in January this year, and if you know where to look, some amazing work is shared everyday.

Vine integrates with Windows Phone well, as a quick start Tile can be pinned to the homescreen, along with dedicated tiles for your favourite Vine users. Vine is free to download from the Windows Phone store, and is a really fun and creative way to enjoy the great cameras fitted to many Windows Phone devices.

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