Motorola Moto G: The Global Launch of a Phone for Everyone

Moto G Handset

Motorola has been a little on the quiet side for UK consumers of late, with the firm’s last major launch event in this country happening over a year ago with the advent of the RAZRi. Nevertheless, the company is now back in full swing and is launching a major offensive with its latest device, the powerful and inexpensive Moto G.

The Google-owned company has revamped its smartphone range under the Android-maker’s stewardship, something which we were given an impression of with the Moto X, although that handset hasn’t made it to these shores.

However, the firm is bringing its Moto G device to Britain, along with many other markets, announcing the handset at an international event that was streamed across the world. With many of the company’s senior staff members assembling in Sau Paulo, the presentation was broadcast to audiences in Mexico City, New York and London. As Dennis Woodside, CEO of the US firm, put it: “Now we’re setting our sights on the world”.

Moto G Dennis Woodside

Woodside made a very convincing argument in favour of the Moto G and its positioning at the lower end of the smartphone price range. He pointed out that over the next year, half a billion people around the world will buy a handset that costs less than $200, and that it’s these people that the Moto G is aimed at.

With its quad-core processor and outstanding, 4.5-inch display, Motorola’s device stands head and shoulders above the other smartphones in its price range. The firm’s CEO pointed out that it will be going up against handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Fame, which has far less impressive specs.

He also made the excellent point that the Moto G’s £135 UK price tag means that you can buy three of these devices for less than the cost of a Samsung Galaxy S4. Further to this, we were shown a variety of results from Motorola’s own tests between those two handsets in which the Moto G outperformed Samsung’s flagship. While the US firm is unlikely to have shown us anything that would have made its device look bad, the figures were still interesting, pointing to a faster start up time and less of a delay when answering calls.

Moto G Screen

On top of this excellent performance, Motorola is also making big claims about the handset’s software. While it launches with Android 4.3, the firm is promising an upgrade to Android KitKat in January 2014, and seeing the latest version of Google’s platform on a device that costs so little will be incredible.

Overall, the Moto G looks to be a truly impressive device that brings some serious competition to the low-cost end of the smartphone market. The device’s specs are far above anything else in its price range and make it a really strong prospect for anyone who doesn’t want to splash out on a high-end device. We’ll be doing a full review of the handset shortly, but for now its looks like Motorola is back with a vengeance, having brought a brilliant, powerful device to the table.

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