Wearable Gadgets Could Hit 10 Million Annual Sales by 2018


In a move that goes against the bemusement surrounding innovations like Google Glass, industry research firm Juniper has published a report which suggests that sales of such devices could hit 10 million per year by 2018.

Nitan Binhas, the report’s author, believes that widespread and mainstream adoption will occur in the next few years, opening up a new area of consumer technology. However, he states that manufactures “would need to incorporate intuitive and user-friendly functionalities, and capture the imagination of the general public making the technology seamless within their daily routine”.

Specifically, the report names smart glasses as its main area of study, rather than the slightly less alarming smartwatches that are already available to consumers. Sony’s Smartwatch 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear have both launched this year and it seemingly takes less of a leap of faith for someone to attach a gadget to their wrist than to wear one on their head.

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