Is the LG G Flex Coming to Europe?

LG Flex DAP#

LG launched the G Flex at the end of October, and it was the second smartphone with a flexible screen to be announced, following the Samsung Galaxy Round. The two phones differ in several other ways, particularly in the way the screen is shaped, as the Samsung goes from side-to-side, and LG’s goes from top to bottom.

However, where they’re identical is the way they’re being sold at the moment. Both the G Flex and the Galaxy Round have only been announced for South Korea. If you’re thinking that’s not fair, then don’t worry, as LG seems to agree. Hidden in the press details following confirmation of the G Flex’s release, is news of an international rollout too.

LG’s keen to get the G Flex into our hands, and is apparently already talking to networks around the world, with a view to finding support for the phone. An LG executive is quoted as saying the firm wants the phone on sale as soon as possible, and it’ll target Europe, America and China.

In case you missed it in October, here’s a reminder of what the phone is all about. It’s very similar to the LG G2, and shares the same rear-mounted buttons, and Snapdragon 800 processor, but has a larger 6-inch 1080p screen. Android 4.2.2 is installed a standard.

It’s all set to be released on November 12 in Korea, and while we’ve got confirmation of an international release, LG’s staying quiet on a potential date. Let’s hope it’s before the end of the year.

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