Android KitKat Includes Advanced Photo Editor

Android KitKat Photo Editor

Some of the extra features that weren’t announced by Google at last week’s Nexus 5 launch have begun to emerge, including an advanced photo editor that looks to be a big step on from the native functions of earlier Android iterations.

A Google staff member has uploaded a video to YouTube that shows off what the new software can do, demonstrating gradual control over filters and allowing you to increase the saturation of specific colours.

There’s little doubt that much of the functionality behind the new Android photo editor has been brought over from Snapseed, the photo editing app which Google bought last year. Snapseed offers some of the most advanced image editing that can be done on a smartphone, so the new addition to Android should be equally as powerful.

One extra point about the Android photo editor is that it doesn’t appear to launch from within the platform’s camera app, instead being accessed from the gallery. The function also allows users to revert back to the original image that they were working from, should they make any mistakes or have a change of mind about the way they are editing a photo. You can take a look at the demo video of the new software below.

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