Rumours Suggest Google’s Smartwatch is Almost Ready for Production

Google Now Watch

A new report published by the Wall Street Journal says Google has almost completed its smartwatch project, and the device will be entering mass production in the near future. The news comes from anonymous sources familiar with Google’s plans, who’ve said the company is holding talks with various suppliers in Asia, with a view to them manufacturing the device.

As you’d expect, the Google smartwatch will run on Android, and will have deep integration with Google Now, the personal assistant-style service seen on Android Jelly Bean phones. This should mean the watch will display everything from the weather to when and where your next appointment will be held, just like the app on your phone.

Google is also said to be working hard to make sure the battery inside the watch has a decent standby time. It’s doing this by reducing power consumption, although it’s not clear whether its smartwatch will feature a colour screen like the Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch 2, or an e-paper screen like the Pebble. The latter is considerably more energy efficient.

While there’s no release date, or even official confirmation such a device exists, the sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal say provided a deal is reached soon, it could be ready for mass production “within months.” This suggests it won’t be making its debut alongside the Nexus 5 next month, and instead may not be coming until next year.

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