Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week


Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed including the latest sales results for the Galaxy S4, Instagram coming to Windows Phone, and another potential buyer for BlackBerry.

1. Samsung Sells 40 Million Galaxy S4 Smartphones

According to a Korean news source, Samsung has recently passed the 40 million sales point for its Galaxy S4 smartphones, which was released earlier in the year. This isn’t an official figure yet, although the quote is attributed to Samsung’s CEO. If it’s correct, expect a press release trumpeting the news soon.

2. Instagram, Vine, Flipboard and Temple Run 2 Coming to Windows Phone

During Nokia’s event last week, where it revealed the Lumia 1520, 1320 and 2520 tablet, Nokia confirmed the photo sharing social network Instagram was almost ready for release on Windows Phone. It’ll be joined by popular iOS and Android apps Vine, Flipboard and the Temple Run 2 game. No release date has been confirmed, but they’re all coming soon.

3. Nokia Releases First Hands-on Video for the Lumia 1520

Nokia announced the Lumia 1520 smartphone/tablet hybrid at an event in Abu Dhabi last week, and has followed it up with an informative hands-on video. The demo shows the new Windows Phone 8 start screen, the phone’s wireless charging capabilities, plus the new protective case with built-in stand. It also helps us appreciate the 6-inch device’s massive size.

4. BlackBerry Has Another Suitor, John Sculley

A rumor has arisen that ex-Apple CEO John Sculley may be interested in bidding on BlackBerry. The struggling smartphone manufacturer is up for sale, and already entertaining a $4.7 billion bid from Fairfax Finance, but as the diligence period expires on 4 November, it can still talk to other potential buyers. The man himself hasn’t confirmed his interest publicly, but he hasn’t denied it either.

5. Windows Phone 8’s Third Tile Column Won’t Come to All Phones

As you can see in the video above, the Lumia 1520 uses the new version of Windows Phone 8, and its large screen can accommodate another column of Live Tiles. While the new Windows Phone software will be coming to most existing phones, that particular feature won’t be. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted that it’ll be down to manufacturers whether it’s activated on older phones. Those with a sub-4.5-inch display may not see it at all.

6. HTC Reshuffles Management Roles

HTC’s CEO Peter Chou has passed the day-to-day management duties at the company to co-founder and Chairman Cher Wang, so he can move over to product development and innovation. Described as a temporary situation, it could be the beginning of the end for Peter Chou, who said he would resign if the HTC One wasn’t a success.

7. First Look at the HTC One Max

The Lumia 1520 isn’t the only massive phone announced recently, as the HTC One Max also made its debut a few weeks ago. The big 5.9-inch phone is expected to go on sale soon, and in anticipation, HTC has released a short first look video on the phone, highlighting the cool fingerprint scanner and the UltraPixel camera’s capabilities.

8. BlackBerry 10.2 Update Coming Soon

BlackBerry has announced version 10.2 of its smartphone operating system will be released very soon, with downloads expected to begin at the end of this week. It’s compatible with all BlackBerry 10 phones, including the Z10, Q10, and Z30. There are numerous changes, including a new keyboard, enhancements to copy and paste, notifications and the calendar.

9. LG Announces the LG Fireweb

The LG Fireweb is the company’s first phone to run Mozilla’s Firefox operating system, and is due to be released in Brazil and several other countries in Latin America soon. The phone has a 4-inch screen with a 480 x 320 pixel resolution, a 1GHz processor, and a 5-megapixel camera complete with autofocus and an LED flash. No UK release is expected anytime soon.

10. LG Sells 12 Million Smartphones

In its latest results, LG has confirmed it sold 12 million smartphones during the third quarter of 2013, an impressive result, which proves its new strategy of wider releases for its hardware is making a difference. The company plans to push the G2 smartphone coming up to the Christmas period, and expects its L Series and F Series to do well too.

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