Mobile Gaming: Smartphone Survival Kit

Smartphone Survival Kit

Mobile gaming has recently found a comfortable spot in between the giants of the industry that have dominated for so long: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. There has always been an element of gaming since handheld mobile came to fruition, as early as the Nokia 3310, but now with HD displays and powerful processors, games like FIFA are equally as enjoyable and realistic as they are on the big screen.


Enjoying handheld gaming is nothing revolutionary, take Gameboy for example. The key difference between playing on a Gameboy and playing on your smartphone is that your thumbs don’t get in the way of the display on the former. It was this key element that always set the two apart, but with the swift disappearance of physical buttons on our phones, there stood a problem.


However, developers have been listening and have presented various external ways to game, including the iCade (pictured above), designed to work with an iPad. By placing an iPad within the iCade, the user creates the screen of the miniature arcade cabinet and opens the gateway to a retro gaming haven. iCade features a joystick and various digital buttons, dependent on model, to effectively relive the classics.


Some of the flagship video games that we’ve enjoyed over the years have made their way to the mobile platform recently too. Series’ like Grand Theft Auto have become available via app stores to enjoy on the small screen, but deliver the same experience accredited to physical consoles.


The chipsets now found in the industry’s leading smartphones have made this level of gaming possible. We’re heading towards a time where it mightn’t be so unreasonable to suggest that the mobile platform could one day effectively rival that of the home console.

Another key advantage that would be unfair to overlook, is that mobile gaming is a much more convenient and portable. Long gone are the times when we were tethered to the TV with a cable, but downloadable games and apps can now be played literally anywhere with little restriction on environment.

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