Water Damage to Your Phone: Smartphone Survival Kit

Smartphone Survival Kit

As much as anyone who owns a smartphone will do everything they can to avoid it, there are times when that handset will slip from your grip or fall out of your pocket. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a cracked casing or a chip to the paintwork, but if not, you could find your expensive device taking the plunge and ending up soaked in water. Here we take a look at what to do if that should happen to you.


An innovative type of kit for repairing water-damaged smartphones is now available, offering a new take on the old trick that saw people dunking them in a bag of rice. Reviveaphone, as it is known, works on the theory that it’s not the water that breaks the handset but the minerals in it, and uses an alcohol solution to draw them out.


Reviveaphone’s makers don’t claim complete success, and we haven’t fully tested it so can’t vouch for its effectiveness, but the idea does sound like it could be worth considering if you have an expensive phone that has got itself a little too damp.


If your handset’s taken a plunge the chances are you may not be able to turn it on at all, so your extensive app collection may not be much use to you. Nevertheless, if you do get it working again there’s an interesting app called Speaker Cleaner which can be used to clear mess out of the device’s speakers.

By playing sounds that cause vibrations, the app rattles and shakes dirt and blockages out of the handset, improving overall sound quality.

Water Damage

How to use it

The best thing you can do in case you ever drop your handset into water is to make sure that you keep everything backed up beforehand. Finding this out too late could be a disaster, but making use of cloud storage or saving everything off your handset to your computer will be a great help if you have to replace the device.

Other than that, do a great deal of research into whichever method you choose to try to fix your device before doing it so you avoid any more mishaps along the way. Either that, or just get yourself one of Sony’s recent waterproof handsets.

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