EE Launches 4G Pay As You Go


With LTE networks advancing across the UK and several firms now offering the superfast service, EE is stepping up its game and introducing Pay As You Go deals to its 4G repertoire.

The network, which was the first company to offer the new connections to its customers as far back as last October, is now expanding the options for smartphone users.

EE has drawn up a plan that will see its customers buying allowances for data, calls and texts separately, with the lowest-priced data package offering 100MB for as little as £3. At the other end of the scale, a 10GB bundle will set you back £30.

Users who are up to the limit of their data allowance will see their handset’s browser directing them to a website from where they can purchase more, something which can also be done through the EE smartphone app.

With several networks including O2 and Vodafone now having waded into the 4G pool, the expansion of EE’s offerings could make it a very attractive option for anyone considering the superfast networks.

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