Nexus 5 Video Leaks Online


Google is widely thought to be lining up its latest Nexus device for a low-key launch next week, with many of the handset’s specs already having leaked online.

However, even more of the handset’s features have now emerged, in a seven minute video uploaded to YouTube by a user named Enaze Uddin.

While it’s emblazoned with the URL of French tech site Club SFR, the source of the video isn’t entirely clear. Nevertheless, it offers an exhaustive look at the device, revealing much of what can be expected.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that what the video shows is a final model. As tech site BGR points out, the handset’s OS is listed as being called Key Lime Pie, suggesting that the software is an earlier version of what will be seen upon release. While this was the long-anticipated name of the upcoming iteration, Google recently announced that the next version of its OS will instead be called KitKat.

Anticipation surrounding the Nexus 5 has been fuelled by rumours that it will be priced considerably lower than many other high-end devices, with the handset in the US said to be going on sale for $299 (£151). You can take a look at the best glimpse we’ve so far had of Google’s stock Android smartphone in the video below.

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