LG G Flex Featuring Curved Display Shows Up in Leaked Picture

LG G Flex

Samsung may have announced the Galaxy Round, the first smartphone to feature a curved, flexible screen, but it looks like LG is hot on its tail with a curvy phone of its own with the LG G Flex.

Following several rumours about the phone, a leaked image shows what the company may have planned. The LG G Flex’s display will be similar to that seen on the Galaxy Round due to the fact that it won’t actually be flexible, just curved. However, where Samsung has gone for a side-to-side curve, LG has decided the more traditional top-to-bottom curve is the way to go.

The leaked shots show a banana-shaped device with a dramatic bend in the middle. Ergonomically, this makes more sense than Samsung’s shape, as the curve will bring the microphone more in-line with your mouth, and it should fit better in your back jeans pocket.

LG’s display division recently confirmed it had started mass production of a curved display panel, which measures 6-inches. We’d imagine this is the screen the LG G Flex will use, making it the biggest smartphone/tablet hybrid we’ve seen from the firm. It will also be larger than Samsung’s 5.7-inch Galaxy Round, which is almost identical to the Galaxy Note 3.

The leak doesn’t provide any other specifications, but if LG hopes to compete with Samsung, it’ll need to be a high-end phone, perhaps similar to the LG G2. Sadly, LG’s curved handset will probably only be available in South Korea initially, with previous rumours indicating its official announcement will come sometime in November.

It’s all very exciting, but we’re hoping confirmation of a UK launch for the LG G Flex or the Galaxy Round won’t be too far away.

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