Top Trending Tech Topics

Data Art

In amongst the enormous amount of data and information flowing around the World Wide Web, there are terms that keep cropping up, giving an indication of what people are thinking and talking about at the moment.

Here we root through some of the cyber-flotsam to bring you a breakdown of the top topics that have been trending online of late.

Google Chrome


The mobile version of Google’s browser is one of the best options for online use across Android and iOS, often bettering the performance of native browsers. While already hugely popular, the app has likely generated a boost in chatter due to the announcement that its Android version is getting an update soon.

Several gesture controls are being added to the interface, allowing users to easily swipe between the tabs that they have open and making the whole experience of using the app more fluid. With little touches like these being added all the time, Chrome looks set to stay at the top of the mobile browser list.


Otterbox Commuter

For those who need a tough, rugged case for their smartphone, Otterbox has long been the firm that supplies their needs, making gadgets that protect the handsets of people who really put them to the test.

However, the firm has recently broadened it’s consumer base with the Commuter Wallet series, a sleeker range of cases aimed at business users, with the innovative addition of a pouch that can hold cards as well.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon surprised many with the low-key launch of its new range of tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX series, by avoiding any large events and simply uploading details of the devices to its website. Nevertheless, the gadgets have made a good impression all round, offering real competition to the Nexus 7 at the lower end of the tablet market.



The popularity of the online streaming TV and movies service is growing and has entered the mainstream following the success of shows like House of Cards. With Netflix also hosting the latest series of Breaking Bad, many people are now no doubt searching through its archives for something to replace the show since its finale. We recommend Sons of Anarchy.



The social network clearly has its eye on a big cash prize with news that the firm is set to float itself on to the stock market, with predictions suggesting it will raise $1bn dollars in doing so. What effect this will have on its 240 million users is debatable, but such a landmark for the company could herald big changes in the future.

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