Could Windows Phone be Coming to the HTC One?

HTC 8X Front Live Tiles

A report published by Bloomberg suggests Microsoft is asking HTC to do something a little different. What is Microsoft up to? Apparently, it wants HTC to include Windows Phone on its Android smartphones. This hasn’t been confirmed by either company, and is based on information supplied anonymously.

The information is also incomplete, as exactly how Microsoft wants HTC to incorporate Windows Phone isn’t clear. There are several possibilities, but they all sound like Microsoft wants HTC to create a dual-boot smartphone, providing the choice of which OS to run when the phone starts up. It’s most commonly done on a desktop computer, and has never made an impact on phones outside of the hacking community.

Microsoft wants to increase Windows Phone’s market share, and by installing it – even as only an option – on Android phones could get it in front of more people, who it hopes will then go on to use Windows Phone on a regular basis. Will it work? Who knows, but if people aren’t buying Microsoft’s OS now, then we’re not sure they’ll care if its on their new Android phone.

The report states it’s Microsoft’s new head of operating systems, Terry Myerson, who has been chatting to HTC, and it follows the company’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices division. Microsoft may have offered HTC a reduction on its Windows Phone license fee, if it decides to produce a dual-boot phone.

Will HTC go for it? We’d be surprised, but Microsoft can be quite financially persuasive, something which HTC may respond to in these difficult days.

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