Android Expansion in China May Not Be Good News for Google

Android Domination

Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform, streaming far ahead of the competition in many territories. Included on this list is China, an enormous market which other software-makers have had trouble tapping into.

According to research firm IDC, Google’s platform is present on over 80% of all smartphones in use in the Asian nation, but this may not be the coup for the search giant that it at first appears to be.

An analyst from telecommunications industry research firm Enders Analysis has found that many of these devices are simply using Android as a base platform for cut-price handsets. Adding their own software on top, they are not making use of the apps and services through which Google turns its open source platform into a profitable business model.

According to the research, only 5.6% of Android apps downloaded in China come from the Google Play store, with an enormous 72.6% being sourced from third-party app stores. While some Chinese firm’s such as ZTE and Huawei can boast massive sales and handsets that have crossed-over to Western markets, it seems that Google may have some way to go before it can truly capitalise on the massive consumer market that exists within the country.

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