Jelly Bean Now Running on Almost Half of Android Devices

Jelly Bean

The adoption of new versions of Google’s mobile OS has traditionally been a little slow, certainly in comparison to other platforms, but it looks like that may be changing. Jelly Bean, the latest major upgrade, now appears to be running on nearly half of all Android devices in use.

According to the search giant’s latest figures, the various versions of Jelly Bean now account for 48.6% of Android handsets. The remaining devices are split in roughly even amounts between Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, two popular earlier versions of the software.

The fragmentation of the Android world is often blamed for the slow uptake of new iterations, with there being almost countless different devices, processors and screen resolutions that various manufacturers have to tailor the software to before it can be rolled out.

Nevertheless, Jelly Bean has seen a respectable adoption rate since its launch last year, suggesting that more and more people may be actively engaging with the Android ecosystem and updating their software accordingly.

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