Nexus 5 Could Arrive this Month

Nexus 5

Looking forward to the Nexus 5? Here’s some good news, the wait may almost be over, as according to gadget site Techradar, the phone will hit UK stores during the last week of October. A quick check of the calendar means the Nexus 5 could be yours to buy between 28 October and 31 October, just four short weeks away.

The rumour comes from an unnamed source who’s familiar with Google’s plans, and although it’s unofficial at the moment, it does fit in with previous gossip surrounding the phone. The source also talks about the Nexus 5’s possible spec and the handset’s final price, and it looks like Google is going to follow the example set by the Nexus 4 – plenty of power at a reasonable price.

Sadly, specifics aren’t discussed, so we don’t know if LG and Google will use a 64-bit processor in the Nexus 5, although this will depend on the Android KitKat operating system bringing support for the more powerful chips. Even if it doesn’t, a strong quad-core processor and a big chunk of RAM – a Galaxy Note 3 challenging 3GB perhaps – is still more than enough to make the phone a real powerhouse.

So, if these rumours pan out, it sounds like Google should have another winner on its hands, meaning the end of October can’t come soon enough.

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