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Tech Trends

Smartphone manufacturers have been in full swing lately, bringing even more technology to the burgeoning mobile arena.

With so much going on it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. To help you out we’ve been keeping abreast of what people have been talking about on Google, Twitter and the many other social platforms.

Here we take a look at some of the top tech terms doing the rounds in the social stratosphere at the moment.

Android/ Update

Android KitKat

There’s been a lot of talk lately about software updates, including Android 4.4, which Google has announced will go by the name of Android KitKat.

While Google is yet to confirm any details, the software is expected to debut on the LG Nexus 5, which could land sometime next month.

There’s been little indication as to what the real headline focus of the software will be. However, if images leaked online last week are anything to go by, it will feature a clean-cut colour scheme and sharper fonts.


Smartphone makers are continuing to battle it out to create the world’s greatest cameraphone, and one of the latest contenders is the Nokia Lumia 1020. We recently compared the Lumia 1020′s camera capabilities to the Lumia 925, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 – check out the video above to see how it got on.

Released back in July the Lumia 1020 is still at the receiving end of a raft of rave reviews, with many industry experts claiming that it is the finest cameraphone to come from Nokia.

Combining an impressive 41 megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics and optical image stabilisation, the Lumia 1020 marks a new chapter for taking pictures on the move, and is proving to be the pinnacle of what can now be achieved with a smartphone.

Screen/ Protection

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z has set the trend for durable handsets this year, but Samsung could well be taking things one step further.

Rumour has it that the Korean manufacturer is working on a special edition of its new Galaxy Note 3 phablet, which could feature the first version of the firm’s flexible screen technology.

Flexible displays have been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, but it seems we could be seeing it in action as early as next month.

The display won’t be entirely bendable due to the rest of the handset’s components remaining comparatively rigid. However should the rumours ring true, there’s no doubt it will help make Samsung’s next offering one of, if not the toughest smartphone to date.


HTC One Max

There’s a huge amount of excitement brewing around the HTC One Max, something which has been boosted even further after it was revealed the device could come to the fore boasting fingerprint scanning technology.

Fingerprint scanning is one of the latest mobile technologies to take centre stage, and as the demand from users looking for ways to secure their mobile content increases, there’s no doubt this would be a great addition to the device.

Although no specs have been confirmed by the manufacturer, if the name is anything to go by, it’s certainly going to be a huge handset. And, if the company chooses to stick with it’s premium aluminium design, as it did with the One mini, it’s likely the One Max will also feature similar design traits seen on the firm’s flagship, the HTC One.

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