Nokia May Reveal Six New Products During Packed October Event

Nokia Logo

Nokia has already announced its event for 22 October, which has subsequently been confirmed to be held in Abu Dhabi, but of course, it’s staying very quiet about the hardware it’s going to reveal on the day. That hasn’t stopped the rumours spreading though, and the Lumia 1520 – with it’s 6-inch screen and quad-core processor – is tipped to be the day’s main event.

But that may not be all Nokia wants to show off, as a new report says anonymous sources inside Nokia have informed them we’ll be seeing six new products from the company. If this is true, then it’s all set to be Nokia’s biggest event of the year, as its other events have almost all focused on a single new device.

So what else could Nokia announce? Well, next on the list after the Lumia 1520 is the Lumia 2520, which is rumoured to be the name of its Windows tablet. A Nokia tablet has been gossiped about for a long time, and if there really is one in the works, this seems like its final opportunity to release it, at least under the Nokia name.

That’s two big-screen devices we could see on 22 October, and the other four new products could fall into several different categories. Nokia may have another, less technically impressive, Lumia phone to announce, or a new Asha phone running Series 40. Also, if the Lumia 2520 is announced, a keyboard dock is a strong possibility.

We’ll need to have some patience before we get any official news, as there’s still just under a month to wait until the event.

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